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The 3 Best Barber Shops In London, ON [2023]

If you’re looking for a perfect haircut, look no further than London’s best barber shops! 

Barbershops have been around since ancient times and they are still popular today. Not only do barbers offer great haircuts, but many also offer grooming services like hair styling or beard trimming. Whether you need a quick fix for an upcoming event or just want to relax and enjoy a good shave, London has the perfect barber shop for you! 

We selected these top 3 best barber shops in London based on their customer ratings (and our own personal experience) as well as their specialization in specific types of hair care. So whether your needs are simple (like a standard haircut) or more complicated (like customized razor cuts), chances are there is a fantastic barber shop near where you live that can cater to your every desire!

What's the Average Cost of a Barber Haircut in London?

The average cost of a barber haircut in London is around $20 – $30.

However, there are a few factors that may affect the price, including:

  • Barber’s skills: A haircut from the best barbers with a lot of experience and knowledge and a ton of satisfied customers risks being more expensive. However, with such an experienced specialist, you can rest assured that your haircut will turn out exactly as you wanted.
  • Complexity of the haircut: Difficult haircuts, such as fade, faux hawk, pompadour, or quaff, require more skill of the barber and more time, and therefore you will most likely spend more money.
  • Additional services: These may include shampoo, complex styling, etc.

Overall, you should consider the factors that influence the price and take a look at several barber shops to find the option right for you.

The Best Barber Shops In London, ON

1) Eastown Barbershop

Eastown Barbershop is the perfect place to get a retro style haircut and beard trim in London. The whole experience from walking into the shop with its classic styled décor, to being welcomed by Bella and her team of expert barbers, to receiving your fantastic new hairstyle or beard trim will have you feeling like a million bucks! 

Not only are their haircuts of high quality, but their customer service is also exemplary. Always filled with great music, amazing vibes, and fun conversation – Eastown Barbershop has it all! 

So whether you’re looking for an amazing men’s haircut and shave at an incredibly reasonable price point, or just want something unique  – Eastown Barbershop is definitely worth checking out!

Business Information:
100 Kellogg Ln, London, ON N5W 0B4

Customer Review:
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2) TOP CREW barbershop

Top Crew Barbershop is a reputable barbershop that focuses on cutting and styling hair. The shop, which was once known as Goodfellas until changing its name to Top Crew Barbershop, initially opened its doors in September 2014. 

They brought their skills to London, Canada after previously operating a prosperous barbershop in the United Kingdom and sharing their knowledge with the local population. Their intention was, and still is, for clients to enter the shop calmly, certain that they will depart with a sharp cut and a smile on their face.

Thus, they have wonderful hair stylists on staff who constantly pay attention to detail and deliver top-notch customer service. They are not only incredibly pleasant, but they also give you the complete package when you get a haircut there. Think about going to Top Crew Barbershop if you want to receive a high-quality haircut!

Business Information:
312 Commissioners Rd W unit 2, London, ON N6J 1Y3

Customer Review:
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3) Brass Anchors Barbershop

In London, Ontario, a tiny barbershop called Brass Anchors offers hot towel straight razor shaves and classic barber haircuts. The store is the ideal location to get a haircut or shave since it offers premium services at a reasonable cost. 

Brass Anchors provides regular haircuts and shaves in addition to special discounts on a few goods at specific seasons of the year. Due to the barbers’ high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and on-the-spot recommendations, they may make your hair and beard appear better than they have in a very long time. 

Brass Anchors provides everything you want in its conveniently placed shop, whether you’re seeking a fast repair or something more extensive for your hair or beard. You will discover Brass Anchors to be remarkable if you have been looking for a reliable barbershop to visit! 

Business Information:
244 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6C 4N5

Customer Review: +15196520093 931 Commissioners Rd E Unit 202, London, ON N5Z 3H9



FAQs About Barber Shops
Some questions you might want to ask a barbershop owner include what services they offer, how long the wait is and what kind of discounts they offer.
Most barbers generally recommend that men have their hair trimmed every four to six weeks. This will help keep your hair healthy and looking its best.
First, make sure to inquire about any special services or products they offer.
A barber shop needs clippers, scissors, combs and other tools for cutting hair. It may also need a shampoo sink with hot and cold water pipes to provide users with the necessary supplies.
Final Thoughts

There are many great barber shops in London, each offering a unique experience. Whether you’re looking for a traditional shave or something more modern, there’s sure to be a shop that will fit all your needs. 

With world-renowned stylists, it’s no surprise that London boasts some of the best barber shops in Ontario. So if you’re ever in town, be sure to check out one of these amazing establishments – you’ll be amazed!

And if you’re seeking other ways on how to enhance your look, we’ve compiled the list of the top clinics in London! Be sure to check them out today: