The 4 Best Dog Daycares In London, ON [2023]

Finding the perfect dog daycare in London can be difficult, but it’s worth it! 

Not only will your furry friend love spending time with other dogs and their caretakers, but he or she will also learn important social skills. Dog daycares offer a wide range of activities such as playtime, obedience training, group walks/runs, and much more. 

If you’re looking for a safe place for your pup to spend some quality time while you work or take care of other commitments, look no further than the best dog daycare in London! 

We selected these first-rate businesses based on customer reviews (both positive and negative), the types of services they provide (including overnight stays), and their reputation within the community.

How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost In London?

Dog daycare in London, Ontario can cost anywhere from $10 a day to over $50 per day. The average price is around $25 per day. This costs includes the care of one or more dogs and access to playtime outside. Some dog owners also opt for overnight boarding services which can run as high as several hundred dollars per night.

The Best Dog Daycares In London, ON

1) Companions Pet Resort

In London, Ontario, Companions Pet Resort is a tiny, cozy pet resort that provides dog and cat boarding, and dog daycare. They embrace cats and dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. 

They are owned and run by a Registered Veterinary Technician with over 15 years of expertise in pet care. Assuring your pet enjoys a fantastic, stress-free experience while you’re gone is their first focus. While their owners are away, dogs are given lots of loving care at Companions Pet Resort, where different options for dog boarding or cat boarding are available.

In addition to this extensive selection of resort-based services, they also provide 24/7 phone and online chat help in case you require it while on vacation! 

Many of their customers frequently view Companions Pet Resort as a service that provides good care for their animals. So, if you have to leave your dog in safe hands because of unforeseen circumstances, Companions Pet Resort comes to your rescue!

Business Information:
6464 Decker Dr, London, ON N6P 1J5

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2) Country Paws Boarding

Dogs in London, Ontario, may board at Country Paws, where they receive individualized care and attention. Their climate-controlled buildings are situated on 70 acres of gorgeous rural terrain. 

Since they are dog lovers and owners themselves, they have developed boarding kennel services and a facility that guarantee all of their four-legged visitors a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free stay. Country Paws provides plenty of recreational possibilities, like fetch games with other pets and walking around the local countryside, in addition to offering individualized care for your beloved friend(s).

More than 55 devoted experts make up their workforce, guaranteeing that each visitor receives individualized care and attention. They include animal care specialists and graduates with the expertise to offer your cherished pet the best care possible. Overall, they are kind, skilled, and knowledgeable about dogs, which makes the owners’ first boarding experience simple and pleasant. 

Country Paws not only offers excellent facilities for pets, but they also update their website nearly every day with photos of your dog having fun so you can stay up to date on all of his or her newest antics! Look no further than Country Paws if you’re searching for a location where your pet may unwind while you’re away; they’re PAWsome!

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3) High Energy Animal Training (HEat)

High Energy Animal Training is a dog service company with offices in London that focuses on offering upper edge animal care. HEAT offers a fantastic training opportunity for anyone who wants to control their dog’s excitement reactivity. They provide training and enrichment programs for dogs of all ages and breeds in addition to expert pet care.

Their staff’s DogSafe Canine First Aid Certification is particularly important since it guarantees that your dog will be in capable hands. They have a great deal of enthusiasm for what they do, and it is evident in the attention they provide to the puppies. 

The team will provide you with the information and skills necessary to control your joyful canine friend so that he can be secure while out experiencing life’s experiences. The staff at High Energy Animal Training has something to offer everyone who cares about their beloved buddy, whether you’re searching for one-time services or monthly subscriptions!

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4) Jeve’s Pet Care Inc

​Since October 2005, Jeve’s Pet Care Inc. has been offering dependable and expert pet care. Ever since, their staff has taken care of several houses, yards, and thousands of pets. Numerous services to assist you have been introduced throughout time. 

The staff at Jeve’s Pet Care Inc. has taken a number of steps to guarantee that your pets are always in a secure, healthy, and loving environment. With their many years of expertise, knowledge, and service, they have learned and are always updating the best ways to keep your furry pets content, healthy, balanced, and loving. 

They also have a blog where they cover a variety of issues connected to pet ownership and care, including housing suggestions for bigger animals like horses or pigs as well as training guidance for dogs and cats. 

Additionally, there are galleries containing adoptable pets from around Canada and movies showing how each animal was rescued by JPC employees and volunteers. Finally, they provide reservations so you may preview your new furry buddy before making such a significant commitment!

Anyone searching for individualized pet care service is strongly encouraged to contact Jeve’s Pet Care Inc.!

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236 Greenwood Ave, London, ON N6J 3G4

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FAQs About Dog Daycare

There are many benefits to dog daycare, including the following: 

  • Dogs get exercise. On a typical day at a pet-daycare center, dogs will go for walks and play games inside or outside. 
  • Dog daycares offer socialization opportunities that can be beneficial for puppies and older dogs who may not have as much interaction with other people or animals during the course of their regular lives. Socializing your dog helps him learn appropriate behaviors around other members of society and strengthens their bond with you.
While doggy daycare may be good for dogs with separation anxiety, it’s important to keep in mind that most dog-daycares are open from 8am to 6pm. This means that your pup will likely spend a substantial amount of time away from you during the day. If this is causing significant issues for your pet, consider finding a home-based care option instead.
Dogs may howl when they’re feeling stressed or anxious. If your dog is exhibiting this behavior at daycare, it’s best to take him home and have a chat with him about why he’s feeling that way. It might be helpful to try some new exercises or routines in the house to help relax him.
There are a few reasons why your dog might cry when you pick them up from daycare. One possibility is that she’s just tired; most dogs will be happy to see their families after spending the day playing with other kids. If your dog has separation anxiety, picking her up may trigger an episode. In these cases, it can help to take some time before you come home to let her relax and get used to being away from the daycare center for a little while. Finally, if there’s something wrong at daycare – such as poor hygiene or bullying – crying may be one of the only ways your pet can communicate this information to you.
Final Thoughts

Dog daycare is a great way to ensure that your furry friend gets the exercise and socialization they need, even when you’re not around. With so many options available in London, it can be hard to choose the right one for your pup. 

However, by keeping an eye out for key features like experienced staff, ample play space, and flexible scheduling options, you can find the perfect dog daycare center for your pooch. The list above provides insight into some of the best dog daycares in London – check them out today!

And if you want to unwind yourself while your pooch is in good hands, then be sure to visit these amazing spots for a bite to eat (or a drink) and a great atmosphere overall. Check them out: