The 4 Best Dog Trainers In London, ON [2023]

Finding the right dog trainer in London can be a daunting task. There are so many talented and experienced professionals out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. 

That’s why we decided to put together this list of the best dog trainers in London – experts you can trust! These professional dog trainers offer various training methods that will help your furry friend become behaviour compliant and calm on commands. 

Whether you need basic obedience training or more complex behavioural issues solved, these trained specialists have what it takes to get your pup up to speed quickly! 

We chose these top dog trainers based on their experience, reviews from happy clients, and their specialization in canine behaviour correction/training.

What is the average cost of dog training in London, Ontario?

Generally speaking, the cost of dog training can vary greatly depending on the size and type of dog, as well as the level or certification of the trainer being used. However, we can provide a general estimate for you that may help in making an informed decision. 

In London, Ontario, it is likely that the average cost of dog training will range from $60 to $120 per hour. This price includes both direct services provided by trainers or owners/handlers, as well as any applicable fees associated with participating in formal obedience classes or other specialized programs designed to improve behavioural issues such as aggression towards people or animals.

The Best Dog Trainers In London, ON

1) Puppy and Dog Training with John Wade - London Ontario

John Wade’s Puppy and Dog Training focuses on teaching your dog useful skills that will enable them to lead a more pleasant and full life. They firmly think that by including everyone in the educational process, it is possible to generate enduring memories and enhance intergenerational bonds. 

The team at Puppy and Dog Training with John Wade is made up of highly qualified and seasoned dog trainers who employ virtual training techniques to assist customers in getting the outcomes they want. Their distinctive method’s basic idea is built on positive reinforcement, which teaches dogs how to behave in the most advantageous way possible. 

Additionally, you may obtain guidance and pointers on tune-up sessions, which can be useful in maintaining clients’ pet development, as well as life skills rather than tricks, which guarantees that dogs can use their taught behaviors in actual circumstances. 

In addition, no matter what developmental stage you’re at or what difficulties you might encounter, their qualified educators are on hand around-the-clock to offer guidance and assistance.

Contact John Wade’s Puppy and Dog Training right away to provide your beloved canines with the finest training possible!

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2) PAWSitively Happy Home

PAWSitively Happy Home was founded by Michelle, a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (CDBC), who also serves as its chief trainer. She has always loved animals and has owned several dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other furry creatures. 

Michelle has always had a unique bond with dogs because they are aware of the stress that a misbehaving dog may put on both the owner and the pet. Michelle employs techniques that drive her customers’ dogs via positive reinforcement without ever utilizing fear or pain to achieve their goals in situations like these where obedience training has failed or isn’t functioning as expected by both parties involved.  Even when dealing with some of the breeds that are known for being the most resistant, like Labs!

Attending PAWSitively Happy Home lessons with your dog is a wonderful way to develop their obedience training and solidify your relationship with them. The trainers are constantly available if you have questions, and the lessons are fairly priced. 

Additionally, they provide a variety of entertaining activities for your four-legged companions, such as agility training sessions or interactive playing in areas with environmental themes. 

PAWSitively Happy Home can thus meet  all your needs whether you’re seeking training programs to help your dog’s personality grow or just need someone to watch your dog while you’re at work!

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3) High Energy Animal Training (HEAT)

A dog service business called High Energy Animal Training (HEAT) is situated in London and focuses on offering top-notch animal care. Every dog receives the love and care they deserve thanks to the team of skilled experts they have assembled. Their crew is extensively trained in a variety of training exercises and tricks to keep your dog amused and interested while you’re gone, in addition to having DogSafe Canine First Aid certification.

For example, they can readily gain your dog’s trust and can rapidly assist you with training for in-home conduct, on-leash behavior, socialization and desensitization training. 

Seeing growth after a few training sessions and receiving excellent and individualized treatment from HEAT will certainly wow you! Plus, High Energy Animal Training may help you whether you need regular walks or just a quick fix in an emergency!

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4) Bark Busters In Home Dog Training - London

Bark Busters In Home Dog Training may resolve your dog’s behavioral issues in a matter of hours rather than weeks, allowing you to go walks and spend time with man’s best friend. They’ll accomplish this by correcting misconceptions, which are at the heart of most canine behavior issues. 

Starting there, you’ll discover how to speak to your dog in a way that comes more naturally and instinctively to them. And when they say “natural,” they really mean it — there are no devices or other dubious technologies at play! 

Instead of relying solely on technology (which frequently backfires), you should teach dogs how to properly understand human communication through understanding their body language and instincts in order to help both parties enjoy their relationship and address any behavioral issues that may have arisen.

Working with their incredible trainers will enable you to control your dog’s destructive tendencies and gain new skills for teaching them efficiently. Their innovative training techniques provide immediate effects that are durable. 

Address Bark Busters In Home Dog Training right away if you are worried about your dog’s bad behavior and need a quick fix!

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FAQs About Dog Training
It’s always important to do your research when it comes to hiring a dog trainer. Make sure you find someone who is qualified and has experience working with dogs of all ages and temperaments. Also, be sure to ask about their training methods and how long they have been teaching this particular approach.
Most likely not, but it’s always best to check with your dog’s breeder or veterinarian first. Dogs that are left alone for extended periods of time can develop anxiety and may become destructive if they don’t have someone else to entertain them.
Some popular commands to teach a dog include “sit,” “down,” and “stay.”
It typically takes around two weeks to train a dog, but it can take longer or shorter depending on the individual dog’s personality and training history.
Final Thoughts

Dogs are a big part of our lives and sometimes we need help to train them properly. If you live in London and have a dog that needs some training, then you should check out the best dog training schools in the city. 

These facilities will be able to provide your pup with everything they need to learn good manners and become a well-behaved member of society. From obedience classes to agility courses, these trainers will make sure your furry friend is ready for anything life throws their way!

And if you want to pamper yourself while your furry friend is having the time of its life, then you can visit the best acupuncture clinics or the best Botox clinics in London. They’ll take care of you in the right way!