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The 6 Best Family Lawyers In London, ON [2023]

Family lawyers in London can provide legal assistance to families throughout the city. Many family law cases are resolved through negotiation and mediation, but if negotiations fail or a dispute cannot be mediated, a lawyer may be necessary to help guide your case forward. 

Family lawyers in London have years of experience helping clients navigate complicated family law situations and will work diligently on your behalf to get you the outcome you need. 

If you’re facing divorce, separation, child custody issues, adoption proceedings, or any other type of family law matter- don’t hesitate to call one of these experienced attorneys! 

We chose these London family lawyers based on their reputation (many clients recommend them), their availability 24/7 (most offer walk-in hours), and the range of services they offer including legal advice, representation during court hearings/mediations/divorce settlements negotiations, etc.

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What's the Average Cost to Hire a Family Lawyer in London?

The average cost to hire a family lawyer in London varies between $250 – $350 per hour. Hourly rates are the most common fee structure used by lawyers.

However, there are several criteria that may significantly affect the price, such as:

  • Level of experience the lawyer has: Reputable attorneys with years of experience (and a huge number of successful cases) can charge up to $600 an hour (or even more). However, they may be able to complete your case faster than a less experienced attorney.
  • The type of services and level of representation provided by the lawyer: The more complex the case, the more you will pay. The price may also increase if a simple and ordinary case was complicated by aggravating circumstances.
  • Additional costs: There are other costs associated with the case that you may have to pay. These include court reporter charges, expert witness charges, transportation charges, etc.

Overall, it’s advisable to consider several options to find the best family lawyer to meet your needs.

The Best Family Lawyers London, ON

1) Elizabeth S. Goldenberg Law Office

Elizabeth S. Goldenberg Law Office provides legal advice to families who need help with their personal matters. Elizabeth Goldenberg has practised family law exclusively for 28 years and is highly experienced in handling all aspects of divorce proceedings. This means that she understands all the complexities involved in these types of disputes.

Elizabeth Goldenberg understands the challenges that can come with ending a marriage, which is why she offers a tailored legal service that will help you to get the best possible outcome for yourself and your children. She always listens to her clients and ensures that their concerns are taken into account during each step of the process.

Additionally, Ms. Goldenberg possesses skills in court proceedings which make her a formidable opponent in any legal battle. Moreover, her ability to communicate clearly sets her apart from other attorneys – ensuring everyone involved can understand what is happening at all times.

In short, if you are looking for an attorney who will provide great results while being affordable and accessible, then look no further than Elizabeth Goldenberg!

Business Information:
201 King St, London, ON N6A 1C9

Customer Review:
“So nice to have a lawyer who really seems to care for her clients. I was ready to be intimidated when I walked into her office to initiate a marriage separation, yet I found a lawyer who was not only knowledgeable and efficient, but kind and compassionate.. She listened to what I said and offered great advice. but ultimately let me make my own decisions. I would strongly recommend her for your family matters. My experience was top notch and I won't hesitate to employ her services again.”



2) Family Law Group

Family Law Group understands that every family is unique and requires a customized settlement plan. This team of skilled lawyers incorporates many different methods for dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and court.

The team at the law firm is highly organized and well-spoken. They deliver any case in a logical and coherent manner, which makes it easy for you to understand what’s going on.

From initial consultations to final resolutions, this experienced team will work diligently  to ensure that all your needs are met. In addition to providing legal services, this law office also offers counseling for those affected by family separation.

If an agreement between you and your spouse is not possible or if litigation is necessary, don’t hesitate to contact Family Law Group – their skilled lawyers will guide you through the process step by step until an amicable settlement can be reached!

Business Information:
1579 Hyde Park Rd, London, ON N6H 5L4

Customer Review:
“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with the Family Law Group. They were very professional and a very big help with my case. It's good to know that you have been heard and that the information is being used to help in obtaining a positive end result. I felt understood and they were able to share their knowledge. I 100% recommend this law firm for all your family needs.”



3) Vallillee Family Lawyers

The boutique firm of Vallillee Family Lawyers offers a wide range of legal services to clients in the London, Ontario area. These include child custody, Child, Youth and Family Services Act matters, child and spousal support, and divorce proceedings. In addition to these traditional areas of law practice, the firm also specializes in motions to change court orders, contempt motions and other legal matters as required by each particular case.

Eric Vallillee is an experienced family law lawyer who has represented clients in courts across London and Southwestern Ontario. He specializes in matters involving child custody & access, child and spousal support, divorce, property issues, and child protection. In addition to his legal practice, he also accepts legal aid for Children’s Aid Society matters at the London courthouse.

Kelli McPhail is an associate lawyer who specializes in complex family matters. She works on issues such as custody, access, child support, spousal support, parental alienation and equalization of property.

David Vallillee has extensive experience with drafting and filing pleadings, providing front-line client services, and office management. This knowledge allows him to provide top-quality customer service while managing a busy legal practice.

Business Information:
200 Queens Ave Suite 440, London, ON N6A 1J3

Customer Review:
“Vallillee law office is the best law office I’ve been to. They are very high value. All their lawyers (especially Eric) are smart as a whip. They have a very strong handle on their firm and do not miss a beat! They are also respectful and very polite. Very very much recommend!!!”



4) Millars LAwyers London, Full-service Law Firm

Millars Lawyers team puts the mission before their egos. This firm is tech-friendly, fast-moving and focused on results, not billables. The attorneys here are passionate about helping clients resolve legal issues in a straightforward and cost effective manner. They take pride in providing high-quality service that always meets or exceeds their clients’ expectations.

While there are many victories that the team has achieved, a few of the most noteworthy include: denying compensation to victims’ abusers from landmark court case decisions, taking on giant insurance companies bullying accident victims into giving up and finally saving the client millions of dollars with their dynamic and bold approach. 

These successes demonstrate not only their expertise in courtroom tactics but also their ability to identify potential solutions before they become expensive liabilities for clients or even worse – legal battles that can leave scars lasting far beyond any financial settlement.

If you’re looking for an exceptional attorney who will provide outstanding services throughout your legal process – look no further than Millars Lawyers!

Business Information:
1886 Oxford St W Unit 301, London, ON N6K 0J8

Customer Review:
“Millars Law was always respectful, helpful and professional. Everyone I have dealt with working with them would take the time to explain the process and help me understand the situation. They were able to navigate through all the obstacles there my case involved and never once made me feel like a burden. I will always be grateful to them for that.” were what put her above any legal professional that I've ever dealt with. I give her my highest rating and would encourage anyone navigating the waters of separation or divorce to contact her. It's been the only legal fees that I have been absolutely happy to have paid!”



5) Waseer Law Office

Waseer Law Office is a top-rated law office in London. They offer a wide range of legal services, including Family Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, and Notary services. The team at Waseer Law Office provides personalised assistance to their clients through local presence and years of experience in the field.

When it comes to family law, the law firm deals with a wide variety of cases, including marriage contracts, cohabitation contracts, separation agreements, divorce, etc. They can help you resolve any disputes or problems that may arise during your relationship – from the initial stages of dating all the way through to eventual marital breakdown. 

Mr. Zia is a very professional lawyer who completely understands people’s situation and does not give up until positive results are reached. He has many years of experience in Family Law and knows how to get the best results for his clients.

He came up with creative solutions that helped his clients to solve different cases. In short, he provides top-quality legal service at an affordable price point – which is why his clients continue to rely on him for help every time they need it!

Business Information:
68 Southdale Rd W, London, ON N6J 2J1

Customer Review:
“Highly recommended. I had a wonderful experience and was very satisfied with the service. Mr. Zia is a highly knowledgeable expert and caring professional offering detailed advice.”



6) Siskinds LLP

Siskinds LLP is a team of over 240 lawyers and support staff. It has been providing high-quality service to its clients since 1932. This firm offers personalized legal services to individuals, families and businesses in southwestern Ontario and Canada. 

The team’s focus on client-focused service means that they will go above and beyond to help people feel at ease during the process. Being client-focused isn’t a new concept; it’s what they’ve always done. 

With more than 25 specialized practice areas covered by this experienced team of professionals – including property law; estate planning; contract drafting & negotiating; family law; torts & unlawful actions; taxation & financial planning – there is likely something special that suits your needs!

Business Information:
275 Dundas St Unit 1, London, ON N6B 3L1

Customer Review:
“Siskinds is by far the best law firm in London. I contacted them concerning an estate matter. John Morrissey and his assistant Reenya Koshaba, were there every step of the way. They were detail orientated and I was kept up to date throughout. Most importantly though, he effectively solved our problem. John's performance (and team) was above and beyond expectation. I couldn't have asked for more.”



FAQs About Family Lawyers
In Canada, a divorce can only be granted through the provincial courts. There is no right to refuse a divorce in Canada, and any attempt to do so could lead to legal action being taken against you.
A family lawyer is a professional who helps families with legal matters such as divorce, custody disputes and estate planning. They can also help you find solutions to problems before they become serious issues.
A family lawyer can help with a variety of legal issues that may affect members of your family. They can represent you in court, advise you on estate planning and provide other support during difficult times.
A family lawyer can often provide guidance and advice on issues like child custody, visitation and support. If you’re experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your children’s other parents, it may be a good idea to speak to a lawyer about possible solutions.
Final Thoughts

Family law can be a complex and emotionally charged area of the legal system. If you are going through a divorce, child custody battle, or other family dispute, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. 

The lawyers on this list have all been recommended by past clients as being some of the best in London when it comes to handling family law cases. So, don’t wait any longer and be sure to contact one right now!

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