The 4 Best Halal Restaurants In London, ON [2023]

If you’re looking for the best halal restaurants in London, look no further!

There are a variety of delicious and unique halal options available to everyone, whether you’re vegan or just want someplace different from your usual restaurant choices. Whether you’re searching for an upscale dining experience or something more casual, there is definitely a Halal restaurant in London that will fit your needs.

We chose these top London halal restaurants based on their consistent positive reviews, as well as their dedication to providing high-quality food at affordable prices. If you’ve never tried halal cuisine before, now is the time!

What is the average cost of dishes at halal restaurants in London, Ontario?

The average cost of dishes at halal restaurants in London, Ontario can vary widely depending on the specific restaurant and the type of dish that is being ordered. Some halal restaurants may offer a range of menu options, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts, at a variety of price points. 

Prices for main dishes can range from $10 to $20 or more, depending on the ingredients and the size of the portion. Some halal restaurants may also offer special deals or discounts on certain days of the week or for large groups. 

It is a good idea to check the menu and price list of the specific restaurant you are interested in, and to ask about any deals or promotions that may be available. You may also want to consider the restaurant’s ratings, reviews, and location, as well as any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.

The Best Halal Restaurants In London, ON

1) Babylon Pizza & Shawarma Halal

An incredible gastronomic experience is offered at Babylon Pizza & Shawarma in London. Their chef, who has 20 years of expertise in some of the best restaurants in the world, is eager to share his ideas with you and the guests. 

You will enjoy a wonderful eating experience thanks to their attentive service and dedicated cooks. Additionally, even though they would like to see you in person, they always make sure that your meal is delivered in great condition. 

Their meals are created to enable you to transfer the caliber of Babylon Pizza & Shawarma restaurant experiences into your house through careful packing and thorough preparation. Whether they can see you in person or not, they are confident that you will have a wonderful meal!

The restaurant’s catchphrase is “We refuse to compromise on quality.” They exclusively buy fresh food from nearby farmers’ markets because of this. You can be confident you’re eating the finest of the season at any time of year. Plus, the staff is always polite and attentive, making for excellent service. 

Look no further than Babylon Pizza & Shawarma Halal for a great and fresh shawarma restaurant in London!

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1070 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 3W5

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2) Tahini’s

Fast, amiable, and dependable customer service is a specialty of Tahini’s restaurants, which serve excellent, genuine, and healthful Middle Eastern cuisine. The proprietor wants to provide the greatest meals possible so that every customer will have a memorable experience.

After reaching top position for Middle Eastern restaurants on Tripadvisor, they came to the conclusion that it was crucial to make their customers’ entrance to the restaurant as simple as possible so that everyone could enjoy their culinary creations.

You can count on receiving amazing service when you go to Tahini’s. The representative is kind, patient, and willing to provide advice without being intrusive. 

The restaurant’s own sauce is used in the Jamaican Jerk Chicken rice bowl, which is a fantastic meal that is well worth tasting. This meal stands out from others thanks to the distinctive flavor character this sauce offers. 

Overall, Tahini’s is a great place to go if you’re searching for a delicious Mediterranean lunch!

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11-551 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E9

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3) Babaz Shawarma LONDON

Fresh food of a high standard is served at Babaz Shawarma. Their whole line of goods is halal and ISNA-certified. The business offers a wide variety of vegetarian alternatives with absolutely authentic flavor, such as naan breads, tandoori chicken, kebabs, pakoras, and more! 

Every guest wants to get good service, and Babaz Shawarma customers can be confident they will. The quality service provided by the workers is above average. They have a huge selection of sides, garnishes, and sauces that go well with each meal. The restaurant not only serves wonderful cuisine, but it is also quite affordable. 

With the huge quantity of sauce they add, their falafel wrap will wow you; it is unquestionably worth the price! Visit Babaz Shawarma if you’re searching for a delicious dinner or something to take home for later!

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243 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H 2B9

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4) Shelby’s Shawarma - Downtown

The longest shawarma in the world holds the Guinness World Record at Shelby’s Shawarma in London, Ontario. Their record chicken shawarma wrap was 152’3″ long and was made with 50 kilos of chicken, 10 kilograms of pickles, 16 liters of garlic sauce, 10 kilograms of fries, and 150 saj flatbread. This outstanding achievement not only raises the bar for culinary success but also exemplifies their commitment to provide first-rate customer service. 

In addition to wanting every purchase made by a consumer to be a success, they also aim to achieve industry-leading standards by smashing records whenever feasible. Shelby’s Shawarma will undoubtedly continue to set trends throughout the world for a very long time given its reputation for high-quality items and excellent customer service.

Every item on the menu is also freshly prepared and meant to be the greatest you’ve ever tasted. Shelby’s is a fast-casual shawarma franchise that was founded in London, Ontario, and is on a quest to revolutionize the shawarma in unfathomable ways while also fostering happiness and a community-wide hunger for delicious food and flavor. 

Food is always flavorful, and the wrap is freshly created for each customer. The shawarma bowls provide a more full choice for those who want more than the delectable shawarma bits. 

Visit Shelby’s Shawarma right immediately if you want to experience a genuinely delicious blend of tastes and textures!

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223 Horton St E, London, ON N6B 1L1

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FAQs About Halal Restaurants

Halal is a Muslim dietary law that requires the use of specific types of meat and poultry. The animals must be humanely treated and killed according to Islamic guidelines, which may involve an animal being stunned before it’s killed. This process can affect the taste of halal food, which some people say has a stronger flavor than regular meat.

Halal checklist is a document that outlines the specific requirements for food served in Muslim-owned businesses. This includes items such as meat, dairy and vegetables that must be handled according to Islamic dietary laws.
There are no specific guidelines in terms of halal processing at restaurants, but it’s always best to check with the restaurant before dining. Restaurants that serve Halal food typically have a sign indicating this information.
Vanilla extract is haram because it contains small amounts of alchohol, which Muslims consider a sin-ful substance.
Final Thoughts

London is a city that offers a great deal of diversity when it comes to food. There are many different types of cuisine available, and one type that has been gaining popularity in recent years is halal food. 

Halal restaurants can be found all over the city, and they offer a great way for people to enjoy delicious food without having to worry about whether or not it is prepared according to Islamic law. If you’re looking for some of the best halal restaurants in London, then check out this list – you won’t be disappointed!

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