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The 4 Best Indoor Playgrounds In London, ON [2023]

When it comes to playing inside, London has plenty of options! 

Whether you’re looking for a fun place for your child to play without worrying about rain or snow, or want an indoor playground that will keep them entertained all day long, there are many great choices. 

We chose these four best indoor playgrounds based on their popularity with parents and children alike, the variety of activities available (including climbing towers and giant slides), and the quality of their equipment. 

If you’re ever wondering where to find the perfect indoor playground for your family in London, look no further! They’ve got you covered!

What is the average cost of going to an indoor playground in London, Ontario?

The average cost of going to an indoor playground in London, Ontario can vary widely depending on the specific playground and the amenities it offers. Some indoor playgrounds charge a flat fee for admission, while others offer discounts for children, seniors, or groups. 

In general, admission prices for indoor playgrounds can range from $5 to $20 or more per person, depending on the age of the visitor and the length of the visit. Some indoor playgrounds may also offer additional services or amenities such as birthday party packages, food and drinks, or arcade games, which may be an additional cost. 

It is a good idea to check the admission prices and policies of the specific indoor playground you are interested in, and to ask about any discounts or promotions that may be available.

The Best Indoor Playgrounds In London, ON

1) Play Away Indoor Park

Children may have fun and play without having to worry about their safety at Play Away Indoor Park, a clean and safe playground. A London-based family with energetic children runs it. 

Undoubtedly, Play Away Indoor Park is a fantastic spot to spend a few enjoyable hours. It is a facility that is a bit away from residential neighborhoods and contains 4 zones: a general play area, a toddler area, a small arcade, and a giant “bubble play area” (essentially a bouncy mat). The play area as a whole is secure and offers a few intriguing locations. 

Additionally, admission costs are relatively reasonable and there is no crowding. The extremely pleasant and kind personnel will help and take care of your children. 

Consider Play Away Indoor Park  if you’re looking for a fantastic and safe location for your kids to play!

Business Information:
2469 Aviation Ln, London, ON N5V 3Z9

Customer Review:
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2) Off The Wall Kids

Off The Wall Kids is a family-friendly entertainment location in London that provides something fresh and entertaining. The location offers kids of all ages an excellent experience with its cutting-edge constructions, cleanliness, and safety requirements. 

Plus, the playground collaborates with other companies to offer extra services including food and beverage establishments and retail locations. As a result, a delightful environment is created where parents can unwind and watch their kids having fun.

You can be sure that your kids will adore going there and be overjoyed because it is so exciting – the food is fresh, flavorful, and fairly priced! The personnel is also quite kind and welcoming, and the atmosphere is generally one of joyful pleasure. 

In addition to being the cleanest and best maintained facility of its sort in all of London, the play area is also safe and cushioned, which is immensely welcomed by parents who have ever had to squeeze through the other plastic tubes. Allow your kids to enjoy themselves at Off The Wall Kids!

Business Information:
539 First St, London, ON N5V 1Z5

Customer Review:
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3) The Factory

Like any other business, The Factory began with a “wouldn’t it be amazing to…” The partners dreamt up an idea for what would eventually become Canada’s largest indoor adventure park in a building unlike any other, located in London, Ontario. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it grants you the flexibility to enjoy yourself regardless of what you’re doing or where you are in life.

The Factory also provides a variety of slides and arcades, so it has something for kids of all ages. Even a 6-year-old trampoline park is available to keep your kids occupied all day. Huge Amusement Park is the place to go if you want to get near and personal with the slot machines since they have them covered. 

Additionally, the café there provides lots of space so you can unwind after spending the afternoon in the Park if you need any help while you’re in town. Prices are reasonable, especially when compared to other big theme parks in the area. 

Therefore, The Factory is definitely worth checking out, whether you’re looking for family entertainment or simply some quiet time to yourself!

Business Information:
100 Kellogg Ln, London, ON N5W 0B4

Customer Review: +15196520093 931 Commissioners Rd E Unit 202, London, ON N5Z 3H9



4) Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park

Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park is a family entertainment complex with a variety of activities and attractions for all ages and is located in London, Ontario. They have sections that are kid-friendly, and security is their primary concern! 

Every ability level is catered for in the park’s wide variety of trampolines, which include beginner, intermediate, and advanced models. They also feature a wide variety of other entertainment rides, such as go-karts, mini golf courses, bumper cars, and more, in addition to all the variety of trampolines.

Additionally, their team is eager to provide your kids with priceless moments. They are more than capable of organizing a flawless birthday celebration and perform an excellent job. Their top concern is making sure you can take a seat, unwind, and enjoy the kids at the party while they handle everything else. 

Therefore, Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park has something to offer everyone, whether you’re seeking for family entertainment or simply want to get away from your daily grind!

Business Information:
4380 Wellington Rd S, London, ON N6E 2Z8

Customer Review: +15196520093 931 Commissioners Rd E Unit 202, London, ON N5Z 3H9



FAQs About Indoor Playgrounds
There are many benefits to using an indoor playground for your child. Indoor play areas offer a fun and safe place for kids to spend their time, which can help promote development in several key areas. These include physical fitness, cognitive skills, socialization and problem solving abilities. Additionally, they provide opportunities for parents or caregivers to take a break while the kids have some downtime together.
There are three main types of indoor playgrounds – traditional, adventure and themed. Traditional play areas typically feature structures such as towers, slides and swings that children can use to have fun. Adventure play spaces include platforms high up in the air with obstacles below them, making it a great place for kids who love climbing and swinging. Themed play areas often focus on specific themes such as cars or dinosaurs, so there’s always something new to see!
Most indoor playgrounds do not have an age limit, but it is always best to check with the facility before visiting. Some playgrounds may require children to be at least 4 years old in order to play.
While most playgrounds are generally safe for kids, it’s always a good idea to check with the facility before dropping them off. Indoor play areas can be noisy and crowded, so make sure your child is comfortable before leaving them unattended.
Final Thoughts

The best indoor playground in London is the one that offers a variety of activities for children of all ages. It should also be safe and clean so that you can have peace of mind while your kids are playing. 

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right one. But with a little research, you should be able to find an indoor playground in London that will suit your family’s needs perfectly!

And if your kids work up an appetite after playing at one of these outstanding playgrounds, then it might be a great idea to grab a bite at one of the best London eateries: