The 4 Best Kitchen Cabinet Stores In London, ON [2023]

When it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Whether you’re looking for custom made cabinets or something more generic, you will need to consider your budget, the style of your kitchen, and the type of cabinet that best suits your needs. 

Fortunately, London has a wide range of high-quality kitchen cabinet stores that can help you find exactly what you are looking for! We chose these London kitchen cabinet stores based on their excellent customer reviews, as well as their availability in different parts of town. 

No matter where in London you live – whether downtown or outlying areas – chances are high that one or more of these stores is located nearby!

What is the average cost of Kitchen Cabinets in London, Ontario?

The cost of kitchen cabinets in London, Ontario can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the size of the kitchen, the materials used for the cabinets, the style and design of the cabinets, and the reputation and location of the supplier or manufacturer. However, depending on the size and type of cabinet, prices can range from around $1,000 to well over $10,000. 

In general, you can expect to pay more for higher-quality materials and construction, as well as for custom designs and features. Kitchen cabinets made of solid wood or high-quality veneers will typically be more expensive than those made of particle board or lower-quality veneers. Custom cabinets may also be more expensive than stock or semi-custom options, depending on the level of customization required.

Overall, it is difficult to provide an average cost for kitchen cabinets in London, Ontario, as the price can vary widely depending on the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices from different suppliers to get a sense of the going rate for the type of cabinets you are interested in.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Stores In London, ON

1) GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc

In 1999, GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc. was founded in St. Thomas, Ontario, and began building kitchens one at a time out of a garage. In 2022, GCW has grown into a business with over 120 team members, 2 stunning showrooms, and an 82000 sq ft cutting-edge production facility. 

GCW takes great satisfaction in working as a team to provide excellent product designs, world’s best production, and first-rate customer service. Each owner contributes their unique set of skills to the team, working closely to carry out the company’s mission while upholding social responsibility and assuring integrity and sustainability.

Additionally, they are happy to give you a good experience and assist you in selecting the right investment. They constantly put their consumers’ satisfaction first, which explains why they take such care to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

Choose GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc. if you want a fantastic combination of quality, customer service, design talent, measuring skill, and construction competence from this highly reputable team.

Business Information:
3537 White Oak Rd, London, ON N6E 3A1

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2) Dynamic Kitchens

Dynamic Kitchens is a London-based producer of bespoke kitchens. The business grew from a tiny shop and a handful of door prototypes to become one of London’s most reputable and well-known producers of bespoke kitchens. 

Cabinets, vanities, countertops, flooring systems, as well as furniture pieces like stools and tables, are all part of Dynamic Kitchens’ product line. They also have your best interests at heart, which is obvious at the moment you begin working with them. 

On top of that, the team at Dynamic Kitchens is incredibly patient with all of your queries and really concerned about your decisions. Being able to direct or assist others in making decisions without imposing your own preferences is a special talent. 

Dynamic Kitchens provides everything you need, whether you’re searching for a cheap fix or something wholly original!

Business Information:
4094 Eastgate Crescent, London, ON N6L 1B2

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3) Wonder Kitchen and Bath

Wonder Kitchen & Bath is a renowned kitchen and bathroom retailer that provides its customers with knowledgeable and enthusiastic service. In addition to various varieties of kitchen cabinets, including custom MDF cabinets, solid wood cabinets, and modern flat door cabinets with excellent quality at an accessible price, they specialize in worktops made of quartz, granite, and porcelain. The shop provides a variety of services including installation and maintenance in addition to this broad selection of items.

You may be sure you’ll adore your new kitchen counter thanks to Wonder Kitchen & Bath! To guide you through the procedure and clearly outline what you must do, their team is glad to assist you. Additionally, everything will be competitively priced, and installation services will be swift. 

This is a business you can surely rely on; they’ll do all they said they would, which makes them a wonderful option for any future requirements you might have for home renovation. Wonder Kitchen & Bath can provide you everything you need to make your house come to life, whether you’re searching for new or replacement kitchen and bath goods!

Business Information:
1700 Hyde Park Rd, London, ON N6H 5L7

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4) London Bath And Flooring Depot.. Plus Kitchens

There is no one better than London BFD when it comes to kitchen renovation. They are incredibly talented and competent, combining a lot of experience with a thorough grasp of their respective fields. You will receive amazing services there, so don’t spend your time or money elsewhere.

The greatest kitchen, bathroom, and flooring items are all available at London Bath and Flooring Depot, so you can rely on it to be your one-stop shop. You can choose from a variety of kitchen cabinets, vanities, flooring, and other options! 

They are aware of all your requirements and may provide you with specialized services at rates you won’t believe. The London Bath & Flooring Depot is located at 317 Adelaide St (S). Stop by now to view their inventory and be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer!

Business Information:
317 Adelaide St S, London, ON N5Z 3L3

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FAQs About Kitchen Cabinets
Light cabinets are generally used in bathrooms while darker cabinets can be found in other areas of the house such as a bedroom. It is up to you and your personal preferences as to what color scheme you would like to stick with.
Cabinets typically do not need to be repainted very often. If there is any noticeable discoloration, or if the paint is starting to peel or chip, then it may be time for a cabinet update.
It depends on the type of wood and how it’s treated. Solid wood kitchen cabinets can be beautiful, but they may not last as long as cabinet doors made from other materials.
Some homeowners choose to replace their kitchen cabinets every 10 years, while others may opt for a more gradual replacement schedule. It is important to remember that the lifespan of your cabinets depends on a number of factors including the quality of construction, care and maintenance you provide them with, as well as any wear and tear that occurs over time.
Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best kitchen cabinets in London will be those that meet your specific needs and budget. With so many different styles and materials available, it’s important to take your time when choosing new cabinetry for your home. 

If you need help making a decision, we recommend talking to a professional kitchen designer who can give you expert advice on which type of cabinet would work best in your space. And with our list of the best picks, you’re sure to find that right one in no time!

And if you’re on the hunt for some specific services for your living space, you can also consult one of these professional London technicians on our lists: