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The 3 Best Massage Spas in London, ON [2023]

Looking for the best massage in London? You’ve come to the right place! Our team of experts has researched and compiled a list of some of the best masseurs in London, so you can find someone who will provide you with incredible massages. 

Massage is one of the most relaxing things that you can do, and it can help reduce stress levels, improve your overall health, and even boost your immune system. Whether you need a therapeutic massage or something more exotic (like Thai massage), our team of professionals will be able to recommend an experienced masseur who can give you what you need. 

Let us help guide you through selecting a therapist who meets your specific needs – we know just how important it is to find someone whom YOU can trust!

What's the Average Cost of a Massage in London?

The average cost of a massage in London varies between $60- $110 per hour.

However, there are several factors that can affect the price, such as:

  • Massage therapist experience: A therapeutic massage from a beginner can cost as little as $40 – $45 per hour, while a massage from a professional with a number years of experience can cost $140 – $150 per hour (or even more at a stylish and well-equipped spa salon).
  • Massage type: A full body massage usually costs between $60 and $90 per hour. A massage that focuses only on the feet costs an average of $40 to $50 per hour.
  • Duration: Naturally, the longer the massage, the more expensive it will be.
  • Additional costs: These may include adding hot stones, aromatherapy, etc.

Overall, you should consider the factors listed above to find the best option for you.

The Best Massage Clinics In London, ON

1) Renaissance Massage Therapy

Your health has an impact on every part of your life, and the staff at Renaissance Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa is dedicated to helping you lead the most fulfilling life possible. They provide a variety of services with choices to fit your particular needs. The employees at Renaissance Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa are skilled and kind, committed to prioritizing the requirements of the clients, and concerned about them.

The Renaissance Massage Therapy Clinic & Spa was created to provide an improved sense of serenity and tranquility in response to the rising desire for alternatives to traditional medicine and a soothing environment.

Thus, if you are bothered by certain disorders and seeking a cure, give Renaissance a try and consider including them on your medical team. It is a great delight to unwind in this lovely spa because of the staff’s constant friendliness, professionalism, and accommodating nature. They not only aim to provide high-quality treatments, but also create a cozy ambiance that is ideal for unwinding and relaxing. 

Their massage treatment is highly beneficial. In addition to aiding in stress relief, it also serves to enhance general circulation and encourage the body’s natural healing processes. Go straight to Renaissance Massage Therapy if you want to truly enjoy yourself while relaxing in a stunning spa!

Business Information:
201 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4

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2) Massage Experts London

In the center of London, Ontario’s downtown, lies Massage Experts. Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, prenatal massages, sports massage therapies, aromatherapy massages, and hot stone massages are just a few of the services provided by the massage gurus at Massage Experts. Their team of licensed massage therapists is fully committed to helping you reach your best health.

Additionally, their clinics were built with customer comfort in mind. Massage Experts offers cozy massage tables, gender-neutral decor, and all necessary health and safety measures.

Especially if this is your first time getting a massage, make sure to depend on them. 

The staff is very knowledgeable about the human body and understands how to relieve any knots or sore regions without making you feel uneasy. Do not worry; everything runs smoothly from check-in to check-out. 

Massage Experts provides a service that will be ideal for your requirements, whether you’re seeking a soothing day spa treatment or an intensive therapeutic session to reduce pain or inflammation!

Business Information:
320 Dundas St #2, London, ON N6B 3R8

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3) Massage addict

A renowned Canadian business called Massage Addict specializes in giving excellent massages. The organization selects only the finest level Registered Massage Therapists, Licenced Chiropractors, and Registered Acupuncturists.

These practitioners  focus 100% on offering therapies that are tailored to assist their customers reach maximum well-being. Consequently, each of their clinics has a contemporary, spotless aesthetic that encourages maximum comfort and relaxation. At Massage Addict, everyone may take advantage of the therapeutic upsides of massage treatment thanks to reasonable costs!

Truth be told, the massage therapists on staff are highly qualified and deliver a fantastic experience while maintaining professionalism and friendliness, which makes the session pleasurable for everyone involved. Anyone searching for a soothing massage should certainly check out Massage Addict!

Business Information:
735 Fanshawe Park Rd W Unit 3, London, ON N6G 5B4

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FAQs About Massage Therapy
Massage therapy has a variety of benefits, including reducing stress and tension headaches, improving sleep quality, relieving pain from muscle aches and other injuries, promoting better circulation and aiding in the rehabilitation process.
There are no specific limitations to massage therapy, but it’s always best to consult with a therapist before scheduling an appointment. Some possible restrictions that may apply include: being pregnant, having neck or back pain, currently taking any medications for conditions other than pregnancy-related symptoms (e.g., high blood pressure meds), if you have allergies to certain materials used in the treatment room and/or hands-on procedures.
Massages should not be given to areas that are bruised, swollen or have any type of open wound.
A massage typically lasts around 60 minutes, but it can vary depending on the therapist’s skill and experience.
Final Thoughts

Generally, the best massage in London can be found at one of these top spas. These spas offer many different types of massages and have experienced masseuses who know how to give a good massage. 

If you are looking for a more affordable option, there are also some “walk-in” massage places scattered around London where you can get a decent massage without having to book an appointment or pay for the full service spa experience.

And to heal your body naturally or just freshen it up a little, look no further than these top London clinics! Check them out today: