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The 6 Best Personal Injury Lawyers In London, ON [2023]

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to find a lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve. London is home to some of the best personal injury lawyers in Canada, and they are ready to provide support and assistance when you need it most. 

Many of these attorneys have years of experience handling complex personal injury cases, so they will be able to guide you through every step of your legal process. They also offer free initial consultations so that you can discuss your case with them firsthand and decide whether or not they would be a good fit for your situation. 

If you require legal assistance after an accident has occurred, don’t hesitate to call one of these top London personal injury lawyers!

And if you want to fully insure your life should something else happen to you, be sure to contact the best insurance agencies in London.

What's the Average Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in London?

The average cost to hire a personal injury lawyer in London ranges between $150 – $550 per hour. A lawyer may also charge a flat fee for a specific, simple, and well-defined legal matter.

However, there are several factors affecting the price, such as:

  • Lawyer’s level of knowledge and experience: Specialized lawyers with a lot of expertise in the field can charge from $500 up to $1,000 per hour. However, with such a specialist, you are likely to get faster and better results.
  • Complexity of the case: Even a simple case can cost a few thousand dollars, and fees for a more complex case can quickly match the price of a small luxury car.
  • Additional costs: In addition to the hourly fee or flat fee charged by the attorney, clients may also be required to pay some additional costs. These include expert witness fees, travel expenses, court and criminal fees, etc.

Overall, it’s advisable to take a look at several offers from different personal injury lawyers to find the best one for you.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In London, ON

1) Beckett Professional Corporation

Beckett Professional Corporation is a dedicated personal injury law firm that has been helping thousands of people since 1999. With over 60 combined years of experience, the partners at Beckett are experts in the field and have the knowledge and resources to help you get fair compensation for your injuries and losses. 

They focus on providing superior client service, which means they will always go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied with their services. The goal is to make sure you receive all the benefits that come with being represented by an experienced lawyer – including timely results, comprehensive information, and expert advice. The team at the law firm has a very responsible and trustworthy attitude. 

If you need any assistance after filing a claim or if there are any questions about what to do next, don’t hesitate to contact Beckett – they would be happy to assist you.

Business Information:
630 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3G6

Customer Review:
“I am so pleased I found Dallas, Sherry and the team! They are the support and source of knowledge that is entirely missing after an accident.. Their knowledge and confidence has made the insurance company sit up and listen - my experience with them is very different now that I have this team behind me. Dallas and his crew always have time to help, even when I feel like my questions are a bit silly and below their level - they NEVER make me feel that way. Everyone I've spoken to there has been compassionate and so easy to talk to.”



2) EBPC Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident and believe that you may be entitled to compensation, then contact the personal injury lawyers of EBPC Law. These London Ontario attorneys are qualified in motor vehicle accidents, public transportation accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability claims, dog bites injuries/litigation and long-term disability claims. They will guide you through the process step by step so that you can receive the maximum possible financial settlement for all your losses.

EBPC Law is known for taking on challenging cases and delivering successful results. They put together a legal team to coordinate and access all details, before making a legal presentation. The three basic steps that their Personal Injury Lawyers in London assist in includes, gathering the vital information and evidence, looking over the information or discussion between the two parties and then they advocate your case for a trial or claim settlement.

Either way,  these personal injury lawyers of EBPC Law have got you covered!

Business Information:
1017 Western Rd Unit 208, London, ON N6G 1G5

Customer Review:
“An excellent personal injury law firm with knowledgeable and reliable lawyers. The staff is highly professional, pleasant to deal with, efficient and approachable. I am very satisfied with my final outcome and will definitely recommend these guys to my friends and relatives in case of need.”



3) Siskinds LLP

Siskinds LLP is a reputable law firm that has been providing legal services to individuals, families and businesses in southwestern Ontario and Canada. Today, the firm employs over 240 lawyers and support staff who cover a variety of personal injury, business, personal property damage and class action law.

At Siskinds, their personal injury team understands the challenges that you may face after sustaining a personal injury. They are here to help you through every step of your journey – from filing your claim to getting compensation for your injuries. These experienced lawyers will work diligently on your behalf and eliminate any stigma that may come with making a personal injury claim. In addition, the firm offers comprehensive services including medical care and financial assistance during this difficult time.

They are focused on helping you manage your life more easily by making access to their expertise easier for you!

Business Information:
275 Dundas St Unit 1, London, ON N6B 3L1

Customer Review:
“Great service, Elena and Angela were patient and guided us every step of the way. They were on top of the dates, date lines and proper documentation. I 100% recommend their awesome customer service support and response.”



4) Millars LAwyers London, Full-service Law Firm

Phillip Millar is a highly experienced and qualified lawyer who has dedicated his career to serving the needs of his clients. He has experience appearing at all levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal. 

His approach is based on providing wise counsel rather than incentives to spend more on legal fees. This ensures that his clients receive the best possible service in light of their specific circumstances. 

Some injuries can take months or even years before they manifest themselves into very serious ailments; this is why Phillip’s team offers support throughout these difficult times.

In addition to representing individuals in civil matters, Phillip also provides legal and medical advice for businesses and families facing tough challenges. This firm communicates well, taking every single call and keeping clients informed at every step.

Business Information:
1886 Oxford St W Unit 301, London, ON N6K 0J8

Customer Review:
“I was represented by three different lawyers in two different matters, and had contact with other staff and Mr Millar himself. I found the firm to be excellent, easy to deal with. They knew their areas of law very well and were able to provide excellent outcomes for myself. They offered quick responses to questions and follow ups. I was very pleased with them all.”



5) Family Lawyer - Iqbal Law Office

Grigoras Law firm understands the importance of having a lawyer who understands every aspect of your case. They offer a full range of services that cover business law, civil litigation, family law, constitutional law as well as real estate transactions. 

Denis Grigoras founded the firm with the goal of providing quality legal services to clients in a timely and efficient manner. He has years of experience handling complex litigation and transactional matters, which allow him to get results for his clients quickly and efficiently.

Rachelle is an outstanding problem-solver who enjoys cases that require complex advocacy or transactional work. She’s determined to advance her clients’ best interests at every step, no matter the challenge.

At Grigoras Law, each lawyer will deal with every component of your case ensuring there’s no disconnection between you and your legal representation!

Business Information:
151 York St, London, ON N6A 1A8

Customer Review:
“I had the opportunity to discuss a business law matter with Grigoras Law and found it to be very productive as a young entrepreneur. They had the patience to listen to my query and provided solutions based on my needs. I would recommend them without any reservations.”



6) Hassan Law

Hassan Law is a legal firm based in London, Ontario that specializes in representing clients across all levels of Courts in Ontario. The lawyers at Hassan Law have extensive experience with complex cases and are always keen to take on new challenges. They represent clients from all corners of the province and have successfully represented individuals from Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Brampton, Goderich and St Thomas. 

Whether you’re facing family law issues, civil litigation, commercial litigation or personal injury matters, Hassan Law has the expertise and resources necessary to get the best possible result for your case. 

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, don’t hesitate to contact this team of experienced London lawyers. They can help you determine who is at fault and quantify your entitled compensation. 

Their goal is to quickly resolve the disability or injury problems with your insurers or with the third party at fault. They ensure that you receive the appropriate medical care, rehabilitation, counseling, wage loss benefits and assistance returning to work.

Business Information:
The Chisholm Building, 142 Dundas St 3rd Floor, London, ON N6A 1G1

Customer Review:
“Hassan Law team is like a big family, you will feel that you're cared for, loved, and supported. Honest and Professional, I strongly recommend this fantastic law firm.”



FAQs About Personal Injury Lawyers
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of settlement money you receive will depend on many factors including your case history and injuries.
Most personal injury cases settle out of court because the parties involved are usually able to reach an agreement that benefits both sides. This is often done through mediation or arbitration, which helps to avoid any further legal costs and allows for a speedy resolution.
The average personal injury case takes about six months to settle.
The biggest personal injury settlement was for a woman who suffered brain damage after being in a car crash. Her lawyers were able to negotiate a $17 million dollar settlement.
Final Thoughts

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer in London can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. 

The list above provides valuable information on some of the best personal injury lawyers in London, so you can make an informed choice when selecting representation for your case.

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