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The 3 Best Shawarma Restaurants In London, ON [2023]

London is home to some of the best Shawarma restaurants in Ontario! This delicious Middle Eastern food has quickly become a popular choice among Londoners and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for quick and easy meal options or something more elaborate, there are plenty of great shawarma restaurants in London available to suit all your needs. 

We selected these outstanding London Shawarma restaurants based on their ratings from other customers, their unique flavors and recipes, as well as their proximity to various attractions in London. 

If you’re ever feeling hungry after exploring all that this amazing city has to offer, be sure to try a bite of shawarma!

What is the average cost of shawarma in London, Ontario?

The cost of shawarma in London, Ontario can vary depending on the specific restaurant or food stand you visit. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $12 or more for a shawarma sandwich or wrap, with prices tending to be higher at more upscale or sit-down restaurants. Some restaurants may also offer shawarma as part of a combo meal with sides such as fries or rice, which can increase the overall cost of the meal.

To get a better idea of the price range for shawarma in your area, we recommend checking out the menus of a few different restaurants or food stands and comparing the prices of different dishes.

The Best Shawarma Restaurants In London, ON

1) Tahini’s

Tahini’s features a wide variety of dishes that are all made with the freshest ingredients. This ensures that you’ll never have to worry about your meal being anything but delicious. 

Additionally, their fast and friendly service means that you can always enjoy yourself while dining at one of their restaurants. So whether you’re in London for business or pleasure, Tahini’s is the perfect place to dine!

Business Information:
11-551 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E9

Customer Review:
“Love the Jamaican Jerk Chicken rice bowl! I like how it is made with their home made sauce and not just a premade store bought sauce. Word of warning: it’s spicy so if you prefer something mild definitely do not get this one. Their mango juice helped mellow out the spice and kept me going! The messy fries are one of my absolute favourites from this place. Highly recommend coming here!!”



2) Babaz Shawarma LONDON

Babaz Shawarma offers a wide range of authentic Indian dishes, all of which are Halal and certified by the Islamic Society of North America. In addition to vegetarian options, the menu includes many different types of meat dishes. All ingredients used in the food preparation are fresh and sourced from local vendors whenever possible. 

Furthermore, the staff at this restaurant is passionate about their cuisine and takes great care in ensuring that every dish is prepared with precision and skill. Whether you’re looking for an evening meal or something quick and easy to eat on-the-go, don’t miss out on these delicious offerings from India’s most popular eatery!

Business Information:
243 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H 2B9

Customer Review:
“Amazing sauces, toppings. Most of the staff is friendly and average customer service. I ordered Falafel wrap, although they put a sign for 4 sauces, the guy added 5 sauces for me and it’s really appreciated and worth spending money on.”



3) Shelby’s Shawarma - Downtown

Shelby’s Shawarma is a popular Shawarma restaurant that has been serving delicious shawarma, falafels, Saj bread and their famous Shawarma Poutine to hundreds of thousands of happy customers since 2015. 

The food at this location is always fresh and delicious, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner. Plus, the staff here is friendly and helpful, ensuring that you have an enjoyable dining experience! Try out some of Shelby’s Shawarma’ s specialties – like chicken Shawarma wrap and fries with garlic – today!

They are on a mission to modernize the conventional shawarma by being innovative with the flavours they use. This allows them to serve all Canadians nationwide with unique and flavourful shawarmas that will satisfy any craving.

In addition to its crave-worthy food items, Shelby’s provides an enjoyable dining experience for all guests. Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or something more substantial, this Shawarma spot will not disappoint!

Business Information:
223 Horton St E, London, ON N6B 1L1

Customer Review:
“Vallillee law office is the best law office I’ve been to. They are very high value. All their lawyers (especially Eric) are smart as a whip. They have a very strong handle on their firm and do not miss a beat! They are also respectful and very polite. Very very much recommend!!!”



FAQs About Shawarma
Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern food that typically consists of meat (usually lamb, beef or chicken) shaved off the skewer and wrapped in pita bread with salad and pickles.
The shawarma meat is typically beef, lamb or chicken and it’s usually spiced with cumin, cardamom, cloves and pepper. The bread that’s used for shawarma can be either white or wheat flour based.
There is no definitive answer to this question as preferences vary among shawarma fans. Some people enjoy the traditional lamb variety, while others may prefer chicken or turkey. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide which type of shawarma they would like
Shawarma can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.
Final Thoughts

Shawarma is a Levantine dish consisting of thin slices of seasoned meat that is cooked on a rotating spit and then wrapped in pita bread or other flatbread. It’s typically served with vegetables and sauces, making it a complete meal. 

London has no shortage of great shawarma spots, so if you’re ever in the mood for this delicious treat, be sure to check out one of the restaurants on our list. You won’t be disappointed!

And if you’re craving some other delectable options in town, then give one of these truly amazing dining spots a try! Be sure to check them out today: